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Attractions - El Dorado

Stars in Bogotá

Independence Park

The Independence Park is one of the oldest in Bogota. It was built in 1910 to celebrate the centennial anniversary of Colombia’s independence. The park has a variety of wildlife, highlighted by the wax palms.



Resignation of: San Diego church, Las Nieves church, Cathedral, Sagrario Chapel, San Ignacio and Las Cruces churches.


The 13 churches were built on the same number of sacred sites of this culture.

Originally the tour gathers 13 churches:

San Diego – Las Nieves – Veracruz – El Humilladero – San Francisco – Santo Domingo – The Cathedral – El Sagrario – San Ignacio – San Agustín – Santa Bárbara – Holy Spirit – Las Cruces, of which the Chapel of the Humilladero and the Church of Santo Domingo were demolished by the urban development process of the sector.