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Mhuysqa Culture lives on... Bosa Community

Bosa Mhuysqa Community

Bosa’s Muisca indigenous community is currently going through a recovery process that will give new meaning to their history and culture.

“Descendants of the indigenous Muisca sheltered in the current town of Bosa, survived through the years thanks to the particular attachment to their territories, calling themselves farmers for decades, this community remained relegated to silence over the years, until They decided to reorganize and declare their permanence as current indigenous people, thus beginning a process in 1992, obtaining official recognition as an indigenous Cabildo in 1999. The current ones seek through their organization to protect, preserve and rescue their traditions.

“We are part of the Mother, we are not owners of her; spiritually there is no private property, it does not belong to us. In this sense, the Community is also territoriality, it is water, it is wetland, páramo, ray, star, cosmos, rainbow, mountains, stones, people, bird, hummingbird … Thus conceived territoriality there are no limits. ”

In 1999, the Bosa indigenous council was recognized, which today has an approximate number of 1,700 to 1,800 people.