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Attractions - El Dorado

Pasca Archaeological Museum

The Pasca museum building project started on 1969 by parish priest Jaime Hicapié in a space adjacent to the parish house.  There peasants and guakeros provided him with ceramic pieces, human remains, fossils, polished stones, molds for gold casting, jewelry and other utensils from the Muisca civilization, the Cundiboyacense Highlands inhabitants, who were part of the Chibcha language family. The famous El Dorado raft fell in their hands, and today it is exhibited at the Gold Museum in Bogota.


Arbelaez rock paintings

The ancestral territory of Mhuysqa extends from the Sumapáz páramo to the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy. In the zones defined as borders of this territory there are municipalities that from the known history have been defined as part of other indigenous cultures, such is the case of Arbeláez, whose original name is Conchaima, but from the toponymy Mhuysqa collected by Velandia (1979 ), although it is true to the arrival of the Spaniards it is mentioned as Sutagao or Panche, the names of the places conserve the memory Mhuysqa of unknown previous times