El Dorado Legend

When one speaks of the legend of the Dorado it is unknown what the GOLD, MYIA meant for this great civilization:

It represented the light of the Sun, the knowledge ... .. The Sun in its journey produced the gold with its sweat, did not have the monetary value that the western civilizations gave him, refers to the work, to the sweat that figuratively represents the sun's journey by the ecliptic or ABA according to the Mhuysqhubun and how in his path he forged everything in his path, like the blacksmith who forged the metals, giving in his step, knowledge, energy, vibration, frequency and Light.

The story that we have been told since the chronicles of the Conquest is not really the legend that the Mhuysqas communities have today.

The area that was occupied by the Mhuysqa community is much more extensive than what is shown in the map published as “TMuiscas territory  at the arrival of the Spaniards” because this geographical delimitation was done exclusively with the villages that were mentioned by the Chroniclers of the Conquest. The Indians tried to hide the sacred places from the Catholic priests who were chasing their shrines.

When the GuataBita smeared his entire body in gold dust, he assumed that his task involved adapting or better, give up passively to permanent changes or transformations and accepting them so that each of the cells of his body became Light, Consciousness, Consistent Work and ordered as realized by the creators of the world who are in the center of the ABOS or cosmos.

For them everything is a perpetual Change